Spotlight on ‘Armani/Casa’ also a Leading Furniture Designer


There is of course no need to introduce the world renowned Armani label, but what may be less well known is that, in addition to fashion items accessories and fragrances, Armani is now a leading furniture designer and retailer.  Armani/Casa was founded twelve years ago as a separate division within the main Armani Group.  This enabled Giorgio Armani to introduce his very unique vision of how contemporary living spaces may appear.  He believes that our living environment should be  “… intimate and (a) very special place, at one and the same time both comfortable and sophisticated.” 

A Leading Furniture Designer for Everything in the Modern Home



The Armani/Casa range includes elegant and evocative furniture, exciting accessories, fine fabrics, tasteful ornaments and captivating lighting solutions.  Branching out even further, Armani/Casa also presents designs for the kitchen and bathroom so every corner in the home can be exposed to this fabulous designer’s magic touch.  There is something extremely atmospheric about furniture designer‘s distinctive style.  Something with retro references but updated with a very contemporary twist.  All the designs have a common theme.  That is the celebration of sheer unadulterated elegance.

Retro references updated with a contemporary twist – furniture designer’s distinctive style



Clean lines and bold simple forms are united in a portfolio that has a Minimalist quality but shapes, lines and colors that are reminiscent of the elegant Art Deco period.  Contrasting rich dark woods highlight the sleek elegant linear elements against luxurious white or cream upholstery. In addition tables, cabinets and shelving units reflect an oriental influence in their uncluttered graceful lines.  Choices are in a high quality dark finish or with more light and airy surfaces.

All Armani/Casa items are fully coordinating.  Therefore, as illustrated here, any combinations of this leading furniture designer’s desirable pieces are interchangeable to ensure complete harmony during the interior design process.  Finished rooms can’t fail to be perfect and full of a distinctive atmosphere.  Interiors will reflect the immaculate good taste of the home owner and imbue the living space with that special Georgio Aramanije ne sais quoi’!

Accessorize the Home with Beautiful Objects from this Leading Furniture Designer’s Range


As is often the case, successful styling in the home is often reliant on small details.  In this instance, the Armani/Casa catalogue offers gorgeous objets d’art that go well beyond the decorative.  Each selective piece, whether it is a vase, a dish or an exquisitely styled lamp stand becomes a perfect highlight in an immaculately styled room.  Designed to complement the straight lines and reassuring regularity of the furnishings, the numerous accessories available are often sinuous and organic in composition.  Even if your home interior is not based on the Armani/Casa collection, introducing accessories from the collection of this leading furniture designer will add instant flair to any home design scheme.

by Jaz

Luxury bathtub and shower design


Modern white bed by Armani Casa


All white living room design


Luxury designer furniture for the living room


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