Italian furniture producer B&B with devotion to perfection


The world-wide famous italian furniture producer Piero Ambrogio Busnelli founded B&B Italia in 1966. With innovative techniques and splashing design approach, the company quickly became an international sensation and has set an example for many other design firms around the globe with its top quality furnishing standard. One of the interesting things about B&B is that this company first used industrial manufacturing techniques that we know today in furnishing.

Italian furniture by B&B – extraordinary work of art


As we all know every piece of italian furniture that has “the stamp Busnelli” is just an extraordinary work of art. I certainly am absolutely grateful for all of the fabulous furniture ideas, especially the ones from B&B Italia.

This company seems as if it has a permanent subscription to perfection. Every collection by B&B Italia has a unique combination between nature’s forms, Italian style and tradition mixed with different cultural reminiscent elements that are almost invisible to the non-expert eye.

Qualitative and colorful italian furniture


B&B Italia is one of the leading companies for italian furniture in the world. Throughout the years, it has deserved every superlative and every award it has won. Unlike many other companies this one has done everything possible in the furnishing sector – chairs, tables, sofas, beds, accessories, outdoor furniture and so much more. Every piece is simply outstanding, and, of course, it is made of top quality fabrics, finest wood and other materials inwrought together magically in endless combinations. Also, the best thing about B&B Italia’s furniture is that it is all about comfort. Imagine coming home, after a long, stressful meeting at work, which has sucked out the very last drop of energy out of you and you want to sit somewhere where you can feel safe and relaxed, the first thing that will come to your mind is going ot be a B&B sofa, chair or a bed. Suddenly, the pieces of furniture come to live, to make you feel safe, to be your comforting friends… This shows how much love B&B Italia has, and has been giving out for decades.

Beige italian bedroom design


Elegant bed design by Busnelli


Red comfortable chair with elegant design


Blue leather patio chairs


Luxury modern office furniture


Office furniture with italian design


Yellow modern italian sofa


Outdoor bench by Busnelli


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