Gorgeous Contemporary Exterior Furniture for Relaxing Outdoors

By ‘Dolcefarniente’ of Pesaro-Urbino, Italy.

Bilù-dining- table-and-ottomans

Following up the feature on the Italian design studio, ‘Dolcefarniente’, the good news is that this creative company also makes super stylish contemporary exterior furniture to add a luxurious touch to your patio, balcony or outdoor rooms.  Just as tasteful and luxurious as the interior designs the exterior furniture ranges have been adapted to withstand the elements.  So stylish and beautiful, to be honest most of this furniture would look good indoors as well.

Adventurous Designs Typify this Contemporary Exterior Furniture Collection



If anything ‘Dolcefarniente’ have been even more adventurous in designing their exciting range of contemporary exterior furniture.  Furniture styles maybe sleek and distinctly modernist, or fundamentally reassuring in their attractive marriage of form and function.  Obviously, the trademark woven technique dominates the portfolio but there are some ranges which break away from this.  For example the Bilù dining tables are purely sculptural with a simple union of curved metal topped with transparent ‘plexi glass’.  The sinuous forms of this table were inspired by the Japanese art of origami and appear delicate, but in fact are very robust and well suited to outdoor life.

Bilou outdoor dining table


In contrast the woven Calla table range is purely traditional, drawing on a style which has been consistently popular since the 19th century.  Alternatively, the Calla Steel chair is made from water resistant metal with a design based on an open flower.

Calla steel woven chair


Calla steel cofee table


Contemporary Exterior Furniture


This is a dramatically modern design but still retains an appealing youthful simplicity.  Differing from the indoor range the outdoor furniture range includes a collection of luxurious and elegant chaise longues and recliners.  Just one of these unique pieces on a balcony would create a fabulous design statement as well as providing the perfect place to put your feet up and unwind.

Flexible and Versatile Contemporary Exterior Furniture Designs


The Palinuro is an example of the versatility of many of ‘Dolcefarniente’ outdoor furnishings.  This is a highly functional extendable table, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.  Available in a wide variety of style and material combinations, this lovely table can be customized to suit any setting. As with the rest of the contemporary exterior furniture range, this table is surprisingly weather resistant.

Marmo set – outdoor dining table and chairs


Another outstandingly flexible design is the playful and sturdy Maratea range of woven chairs and sofas, these are available in a wide variety of attractive colors.  The bucket seat style is an updated design classic. It is casual but elegant and would fit in an infinite number of settings.  All the ‘Dolcefarniente’ outdoor furniture is inter changeable, items from one range will sit very comfortably with pieces from another range.  This opens up the possibilities for endless satisfying combinations and the opportunity to personalize unique outdoor areas.

by Jaz

Maratea seat by Dolcefarniente


Blue modular sofa – Contemporary Outdoor Furniture


Contemporary Exterior Furniture



Bahia Soft sofa l – Contemporary Exterior Furniture


Bahia sofa Contemporary Exterior Furniture


Modular day bed by Dolcefarniente


Contemporary Exterior Furniture – Athiruga Lounge chairs


Moofushi day bed in black and white




Ischia outdoor furniture collection by Dolchefarniente





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