Exquisite Handcrafted Woven Furniture

By ‘Dolcefarniente’ of Pesaro-Urbino, Italy.


Founded in the 1970’s Dolcefarniente, has become a leading Italian producer of handcrafted woven furniture.

Their original and elegant furniture range includes something for all tastes.  The combination of rattan and soft upholstery make this furniture perfect for relaxing on.

Simply Elegant Handcrafted Woven Furniture


The common denominator shared by all Dolcefarniete’s handcrafted woven furniture is tasteful simplicity and exceptionally high quality.  The traditional materials of rattan and cane are formed into an exciting range of styles with subtle nuances that are suggestive of different places and times in history.  The shapes are those frequently seen in wooden furniture but adapted to the lightness of the woven technique.  Seating is frequently united with tasteful and luxurious fabrics.  Tables are combined with clear glass so the full artistry of each design remains visible. There are pieces that reflect eras of unashamed elegance and also draw inspiration from exotic parts of the world.  More modernist examples still have a retro flavor suggestive of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Distinctive Handcrafted Woven Furniture Inspired by Historic and Exotic Cultures


Dolcefarniete’s extensive seating range is consistently stylish.  Featured handcrafted woven furniture designs include the Artu which combines the lightness and flexibility of the rattan structure with sturdy steel decorative motifs, creating a perfect balance between skilled handcraft with modern details. The Giada range features ‘tasty’ curved forms, in woven basket work that is reminiscent of traditional ‘Lloyd Loom’ designs but with mid 20th century overtones.  The lively citrus colors are also typical of this period. Another stylish example is Isabella whose style makes a distinctive statement reminiscent of elegant Mediterranean environments.  The Josephine range has an undeniably French antique flavor, Iris’s sleek curved lines, with fresh white upholstery, suggests more than a hint of Art Deco glamour, whereas, Ethuil is clearly more extravagant and oriental in origin.  Its decorative design originating from stylized natural leaf forms.


The table range is equally attractive using the same structure of cane and rattan.  Both the Arti and Dorian table designs share the elegance of Italianate antique fused with the oriental features of woven rattan.  The exquisite craftsmanship is uninterrupted by the clear glass table tops and these styles would grace any interior.  A more minimalist style is seen in Gallasia which uses a similar cane binding technique, but this time the structure is more direct and unadorned.  The Mélange low table is for more casual use and its low circular form is made entirely from basket work.  A most unusual design is seen in the Calla range which is formed from a formalized bundle of canes which fan out to support the round glass table top.


The Dolcefarniete interior furnishing range is imaginatively extended to include, beds, shelving and drawers for coordinating room designs.  To further accessorize a room there is also a modernist hat stand and a range of mirrors with unusual woven frames.  For further variety each piece may be customized using selections from a wide range of colors and fabric styles.  This handcrafted woven furniture is exclusive in appearance and guaranteed to add elegance, refinement and a touch of something unusual and maybe exotic to the home environment.

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