Upholstered furniture – Creativity Goes Up in the Clouds with Dizajno

innovative cloud furniture idea Dizajno

This upholstered furniture is called CIRRUS and it is inspired by the Clouds that float over the meadows. It is delicate, gorgeous, chic and extremely comfortable – we could say “heavenly comfortable”- just as a cloud can be. What could be more perfect for furniture than the sitting, we are told by mythology and religion is used in the Heavens.

Creative upholstered furniture for the living room and office

innovative upholostered furniture design cloud

Although it is slightly unconventional this upholstered furniture collection is very practical. It allows you to sit without feeling any pain whatsoever even for a long-term seating. Because of its ergonomic advantages it doesn’t make you change positions every five minutes, on the contrary it allows you to have a natural and firm resting position. After spending some time on those naturally-curved shapes and comfortable cushions you will forget about all the other sofas. You will instantly fall in love with CIRRUS.

Innovative cloud-inspired upholstered furniture

 extremely comfortable living room office furniture design

These upholstered furniture pieces are not only extremely comfortable, gorgeous, and filled with creativity, they are made of top-quality materials which, unlike many other furniture, will literary let them last a lifetime. The flexible PUR foam, sinuous spring system and OSB frame, make this furniture ideal for every home.Its design might look a little more appropriate for a furniture exhibition gallery, museum or a talk show studio, but it is actually a lovely addition to a contemporary home décor. You can create a lovely sitting for your living room. This furniture collection is quite inspirational it might lead you to creative ideas you never thought you had when it comes to arranging your home. Dizajno have really created an outstanding collection, even though they are famous with their unusual sofa ideas. Some of the studio’s most notable works include projects such as: “Flora”, “Iris”, Gravity” and others. Their innovative approach and style is very recognizable.

Incredibly soft and comfortable furniture pieces 

heavenly designed cloud furniture pieces

Fantastic and eye-catching furniture collection by Dizajno 

creative practical eye catching furniture design

CIRRUS – the cloud furniture 

incredible upholstered furniture collection cloud

Heavenly comfortable cloud home furniture 

creative upholstered furniture desing office home

Feel the sensation of pure relaxation with CIRRUS 

cloud inspired upholstered furniture design pieces

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