Limited Edition Water tables collection by Gaetano Pesce

pond island pieceful realm landscape table design

The limited edition Water table collection designed by Gaetano Pesce was exhibited at David Gill Gallery in London, surprising the audience with nature inspired miniature landscape designed tables. The main theme, of course, is water in all of its natural manifestation. The views that these tables recreate are so real, that you feel as if you are looking at a real landscape from a helicopter view, while you are actually over a table.

Incredible, gorgeous and innovative limited edition collection

limited edition gaetano pesce table nature landscape

The feeling that this limited edition collection gives  is quite surreal. Some of the tables include real-life features from different monumental landmarks such as the famous Venetian canals. These detailed features only give the “Six tables on Water” a more realistic look and make them a fantastic focal point in a more nature-inspired interior.

Wonderful realm of nature

inrecidbly artistic innovative natural landscape table

In order to really feel the atmosphere that this limited edition table collection by Gaetano Pesce gives you have to take a look at the fabulous furniture pieces. The only way to understand how incredible and how unique they are is by taking a close look yourself!

Lagoon Table

realistic lagoon inspired table design incredible colors

Welcome to the lagoon! This table will send you to a private island with your own lagoon the minute you lay your eyes on it. With its amazing colors, it gives you the sensational feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Pond Table

pond inspired limited edition table design

Absolutely gorgeous, this pond-table has the natural form and colors of a real pond. It even has a small island to make the landscape even more tangible.

Puddle table

innovative puddle resembling limited edition furniture piece

Very futuristic and beautiful, this puddle table resembles a real puddle of mud and water. It is made of exceptional quality materials and can definitely be considered a work of art.

River Table

limited edition table collection creative nature inspired

The river table also includes some of the riverside landscape and the river dam. The colors perfectly recreate the entire natural setting. It gives a feeling of lovely intimate and romantic feeling. Makes you want to go on a boat-ride in an instant.

Ocean Table

amazing ocean resembling surface table design

If you miss the Ocean and you will love this table. It gives a nice feeling of being on the beach side of the ocean every time you look at it. Although it may seem more suitable for a gallery, it is a perfection addition for every futuristic ocean-theme interior.

Lake Table

incredibly realistic lake landscape table

With the gorgeous palette of colors, this table looks exactly like a lake. It even has a dam on the side to give the landscape an even more realistic look. With its gorgeousness it captures the eye and the heart in an instant. It is made of exceptional quality materials, and although it looks more like a prototype of a real lake it is constructed just as solid as any table.

Super innovative this water-inspired table collection is simply a work of art

ocean inspired high quality limited edition table

innovative art ocean theme table gaetano

lake side table surface design limited edition gaetano pesce

limited edition puddle high quality materials paint

incredibly designed pond landscape surface polished design

detailed colorful lagoon lanscape table surface

artistic innovative puddle design table

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