Furniture collection by Maffam Freeform made of volcanic basalt fibers

sensational furniture set volcanic material

Made of incredible materials – mostly volcanic basalt fibers, this spectacular furniture collection by Maffam Freeform can definitely make your head spin. The objects are simply works of art and now we are not going to talk about only one of the pieces but rather we will take a peek of the entire collection, because each and every object has something unique and vibrant about it, and as a whole they make a sensational appearance.

Incredible furniture collection made of lava

outdoor indoor furniture collection creative idea

With their incredible shape and lovely texture, the pieces from this furniture collection are perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The entire collection can be used as gardening furniture because it is basically made of lava rock, which is a special kind of natural solid material that allows to be handled with instruments; therefore it can be used as furniture constructing material. Each piece is unique, because it is hand-made. This means that your Volcanic Basalt fibers furniture pieces will be totally one of a kind.

Stylish furniture appropriate for both indoor and outdoor areas

luxurious outdoor furniture piece

Of course, as this furniture collection is suitable for outdoor, it is also very well suited for indoor as well. You can use this furniture in your living room, office or even a public place. The design is not only modern and extravagant it actually makes the furniture very comfortable, even for longer seating.When creativity and beauty meet functionality and comfort, this masterpiece collection is what comes out as a result from the collision. Maffam Freeform is the only company in the world, that uses volcanic material to create furniture and since their technology cannot be industrial their pieces are entirely hand-made and they have designed something truly extraordinary this time. A little known fact is that this type of furniture actually absorbs radiation which makes it not only safe and eco-friendly, but also environmentally necessary.

Creative volcanic furniture piece

living room office creative interior solution

Innovative gardening furniture for a lovely exterior

innovative creative furniture piece ideas

Artistic furniture made of basalt fibers

maffam freeform furniture design creative idea

Elegant clean design appropriate for every contemporary interior

incredibly imaginative stool form outdoor seating

Interesting choice of materials and exceptional quality

exclusive innovative high quality furniture pieces

Great, innovative, and absolutely comfortable furniture

incredible comfortable innovative furniture piece

Extravagant but very clean furniture design 

exquisite artistic black basalt furniture piece

creative black luxurious stool

maffam freeform innovative furniture collection

gardening hat resembling incredible seating idea

hat resembling seating solution

exceptional quality lava furniture collection

innovative furniture collection ideas

black innovative unique material usage garden furniture

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