Fantastic furniture -Wamhouse’ stunning Armchair

sweet strawberry liquid spilling armchair design wamhouse

You need some ideas in creating a wonderful interior with fantastic furniture? Well, now! Who spilt the giant milk chocolate all over the carpet? No, this is not a digital art commercial piece and it is not a modern sculpture. It is actually a real armchair called -”Przelany” and is one of the many impressive designs “Wamhouse” – a polish design studio.

Liquid spilling comfortable armchair appropriate for any type of futuristic and artistic interior

ideal furniture piece artistic interior

The main body of this fantastic furniture piece resembles a pot and the back of it resembles a milk-chocolate or coffee type of liquid that it surreally splashing into the air and on the floor, creating a very dramatic and innovative look to the whole design piece. It looks like a real giant pot spilling out liquid on the floor and that’s its main idea – to shock with its design motion.However Przelany by Wamhouse is a real armchair and as such it has some other characteristics that make it even more desirable. Even though it looks scary to jump in that hot pot of coffee, it is actually quite comfortable. Although it is a piece that wouldn’t usually end up in a home but will be rather seen in a gallery, a furniture exhibition or a museum, it is actually a lovely addition to every modern living room, hall or public area.

Fantastic furniture piece for creative and unique office or home interior 

milk chociolate spilling armchair extremely innovative

Przelany is eye-catching and innovative fantastic furniture piece. It is definitely the first furniture piece you notice when you walk into a room. Although you might think that despite the fact that it is so beautiful, creative and stylish, it is somewhat extravagant and unusual and will not suit very well every interior. However this gorgeous work of art has other qualities that make it so superb – it is made of very high-quality materials which make it very comfortable and ideal for sitting or lying without changing position every couple of minutes. The splashing liquid back of the chair is offered in two colors – red and chocolate, which widens its chance to suite well with a variety of different interior solutions.

Creative furniture design piece for every artistic office or studio 

creative furniture design coffee spilling exceptional curves

Exceptional furniture design armchair piece that is not only incredibly beautiful but also very comfortable

ideal furniture piece artistic interior

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