Sensational Fine Art Furniture By Andrea Salvetti

Sensational Fine Art Furniture By artist and designer Andrea Salvetti of Italy

armchair FineArt Furniture By Andrea-Salvetti

This is a feature about something very unusual, and will be of interest to followers of both modern art and uniquely designed contemporary furniture.  This sensational Fine Art furniture combines the disciplines of Fine Art and furniture design seamlessly.

Andrea Salvetti Creates Unique Modern Art Furniture

The fascinating and talented artist Andrea Salvetti started studying art and architecture at a very young age.  He opened his first studio workshop when he was just 20.  Salvetti is unusual in that his artwork, which is aesthetically powerful and full of meaning, also doubles as furniture.  It is hard to imagine a more complete blurring of the boundaries between Fine Art and functional design. Influences in Salvetti’s developmental years came from a number of diverse sources.  These included the bold hand made iron works of Ron Arad who used traditional blacksmiths skills and in contrast, the refined techniques of conceptual artists such as Gaetono Pesce.

FineArt Furniture By AndreaSalvetti

The inspiration for many of Andrea Salvetti’s captivating artworks is linked to the natural environment.  However, this isn’t all.  Within each piece there appears to be deeper meanings which relate to more complex observations and concepts.  Shortly after opening his studio, Salvetti encountered the work of the talented craftsman and poet Guido Cristofani, who eventually proved to be a massive influence on the younger artist’s work. The element of conceptual design became more entrenched in Andrea Salvetti’s art after studying under Cristofani.

Working in the Lucca region, Salvetti set up a studio in an old convent. Here, under the guidance of Cristofani, he set about experimenting with all types of wood, glues, paints, and craft techniques.  Salvetti was surrounded by beautiful mature forests and atmospheric woodlands. His fascination with the patterns and cycles of nature is clearly apparent in his art.

cupboard Fine Art Furniture By Andrea Salvetti

The incorporation of sensual earthly themes in his design and sculptural pieces are exemplified by his utter attention to detail…

Andrea Salvetti has been described as having a unique vision and an “unparalleled proficiency”.  Interestingly, in his mature work, his preferred material is aluminum which he sculpts using the ancient and difficult ‘lost wax’ technique. This produces his trademark style, with the metallic element offering a stark contrast to the natural organic subjects he works with.  This contrast adds a dynamic visual tension to Andrea Salvetti’s engaging collection of Fine Art furniture.

Exhibits from a Unique Collection of Fine Art Furniture

Andrea Salvetti has been described as having a, “…lyrical approach to design.”  He adopted a more figurative working approach in 1996.  His subjects reflected the animals, birds and other forms he encountered in nature. Soon after this, he began a long and productive collaboration with the design gallery Dilmos, based in Milan.  The Monozoo, Sottobosco, and Terra Terra collections, as well as Ortofruttaare include superb examples of Salvetti’s Fine Art furniture.

Salvetti’sdistinctive artworks include chairs that resemble birds nests, cupboards that look like giant logs, as well as huge eggs forms and a ‘giant filigree mushroom’ These objects are all created from the same bright shiny aluminium.

Fine Art Furniture By Andrea Salvetti

The captivating ‘TerraTerra’ collection is unpretentious and therefore reaches out to a wide audience.  Its forms are uncomplicated, and made in a way that appears deceptively effortless.  The down to earth qualities of these pieces seem, “…natural like clouds in the sky and plants in the ground, like birds in their nests and people in their homes.” A.S.

To describe the materials and making processes used in these works, the Nido armchairs, are interwoven with anodized aluminium wire.  The Uova, is fashioned from white polyurethane resin and finished with gold-plated aluminium.  And the limited edition Tronchi cupboards are products of an aluminium casting technique.

These exquisite yet functional items show just how easily Andrea Salvetti’s pieces can shift between the context of a gallery exhibition or an up market contemporary domestic interior.  Salvetti’s Fine Art furniture is a result of exceptional technical expertise combined with the artist’s passion and deep understanding of the natural environment.  His work is beautiful to look at, poetic and meaningful all at the same time.

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Fine Art Furniture By Andrea Salvetti

Fine Art Furniture By AndreaSalvetti

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