Inspirational Patio design ideas for a Breath of Fresh Air

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Inspirational Patio ideas for a Breath of Fresh Air


Patio design ideas

If your patio is lacking in a certain panache, then here’s a fabulous range of patio design ideas that will help you breath fresh life into this important part of your home.  Your patio is your link between indoors and outdoors.  It is the perfect place to enjoy entertaining in the fresh air, or grab precious moments of quiet relaxation.  How could you adapt aspects of these patio design ideas to suit your home and your lifestyle? Make the most of this valuable space, you won’t regret it.

How about going for something really refreshing, and bringing a little Mediterranean magic into your outdoor space.  This is an exciting patio design idea that works if the walls around your patio are painted a dazzling white.  The white walls provide an ideal ‘backdrop’ associated with such places as Spain, Greece and Italy.  All you have to do then is introduce elements of bare wood in the furnishings and highlights of a brilliant colour through accessories.  Cyan blue always works well to create a patio design idea with a vibrant fresh holiday appeal.

Patio Ideas by Kenneth Cobonpue

However, maybe your tastes are for something more muted.  A neutral grey or stone coloured palette used throughout your patio design idea will create a very sophisticated and elegant appearance.  Use these soft tones to select furnishings, accessories and floor tiles to get the greatest impact from your subtle design scheme. With emphasis taken away from colour, added visual interest and tactile appeal can be introduced into your patio design idea by combining a range of contrasting textures.

If something a little more energetic suits your taste there are designers specializing in producing patio furniture ranges in all the colours of the rainbow, ideal for outside party time.  These designs often extend to hammocks, awnings cushions and hanging chairs for an easy way to breathe life into your tired patio.

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