Doodles Result is an Innovative Leather Sofa Design

An Intriguing Modern Furniture Style by Front for Moroso


Innovative design black leather sofa by Moroso

If an article of furniture could be meaningful this innovative leather sofa design implies an item of depth and meaning. It appears to have a form of pictographic ornamentation on the surface which suggests Fine Art work rather than purely applied decoration.  The way the design was arrived at was very novel.  The title of the innovative leather sofa is ‘Doodle’ which indicates its unusual genesis.  Each member of ‘Front’s ‘Swedish design team was asked to produce random doodles during a meeting. The outcome of each person’s contribution was then modified and refined into the intriguing imagery finally applied to make the innovative leather sofa design so unique.

Whether this process was intended to be taken seriously or not is another matter.  Some would say that the random doodles sprang from the unconscious mind so therefore, there is a hidden message or meaning that could be attached to the ‘Doodle Sofa’.  In which case, maybe this fascinating and innovative leather sofa, would be ideal as a psycho analyst’s couch.  The likelihood is that the unusual design notion sprang from a fun idea and nothing more complex than that.  Whatever the motivation behind the ‘Doodle Sofa’s decoration, it certainly produced highly successful visual imagery and doesn’t require deeper analysis to appreciate the aesthetic elements at face value

Innovative design black leather sofa by Moroso


The shape of the innovative leather sofa is in many ways new but with retro overtones, the idea is unique and brave and all these ingredients result in a pretty stylish and original piece of furniture.  The overall composition of the innovative leather sofa looks lightweight, but the tooled leather finish is soft and luxurious ensuring its high quality appearance.  The construction is of two main elements, .a supporting metal framework with the semi circular leather seat stretched and molded over this.  A simple fold to create arm rests completes this neat idea resulting in the elegant appearance of this innovative leather sofa

This sophisticated furniture item will suit many different contemporary style interiors and will probably attract those who have an appreciation of the subtle interface between craft and Fine Art.

By Jaz

Published by Minimalist