The ‘Odyssey’ Lounge Chair – Ultra Modern Lounge chair design

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The ‘Odyssey’ Lounge Chair – Ultra Modern Furniture for Relaxing

Created by Singaporean designer Alvin Huang

Young designer Alvin Huang has created this exciting modern lounge chair design which he romantically called ‘Odyssey’. The name originates from Homer’s ancient Greek poem about the hero Odysseus’s 10 year sea journey home after the Trojan wars and has come to refer to an epic voyage. The sculptural form of this modern lounge chair design is reflective of the undulating motion of the ocean and the cresting of waves.  These elements have been stylized to create a sinuously abstract appearance.  The sculptural qualities of Huang’s modern lounge chair design are enhanced by a sleek white finish, this allows light to interact with the piece casting endless subtle shadow effects. Negative space is as important to the success of the design as are the solid forms.  These two elements work together to create a dynamic fluid composition. Also, while it is volumetric, there is a sense of lightness associated with this modern lounge chair design.  Although a practical, functional item, when not in use, the ‘Odyssey’ chair doubles as an exciting three dimensional art work.


Ultra Modern Lounge chair design by Alvin Huang

Originating from Singapore, Huang initially trained as car and industrial designer and is therefore fully conversant with using materials related to these fields.  The ‘Odyssey’ modern lounge chair design is no exception to this. It has been is fabricated from fiberglass, arguably an unusual material for a furniture designer to use.  However, Huang has fully exploited the potential of the material as it moulds to a sleek finish, is lightweight and extremely durable.

This organic but futuristically modern lounge chair design is typical of Alvin Huang’s ‘trademark’ style.  It has been elegantly modeled with comfort in mind, it supports the body’s weight but its gentle curves and contours enable the user to adopt a very natural relaxing position. Taking time out to relax on the ‘Odyssey’ chair is likely to be highly soothing as this modern lounge chair design would no doubt allow you to drift away on an epic voyage of your own, in your dreams of course!

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The ‘Odyssey’ Lounge Chair

Ultra Modern Lounge chair design by Alvin Huang

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