Modern plastic baroque furniture by JSPR

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Modern plastic baroque furniture by JSPR


JSPR is a Dutch interior design company founded by designer Jasper van Grootel in 2005. The founder graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven under architect Oscar Penya and began his own business soon after that. His company bases its design on high quality and innovative creativity. The furniture that is produced is interesting with the original use of materials and combination of styles turning the final product into something completely unique.


Modern plastic baroque dining room furniture by JSPR

JSPR is mostly famous for its Plastic baroque furniture collection. The creator of this set offurniture is Jasper van Grootel himself. He starts designing the collection in 2005 and adds new pieces to it every year. All the pieces are created following classical furniture design but presenting it in new light. Each individual piece of the Plastic baroque furniture collection is covered with a thick layer of rubber. The rubber is of very high quality produced with the special techniques of JSPR Production. It is a soft and durable material that is also very flexible. It provides comfort for the customers and also proves to be long-lasting.

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