Intriguing Modern Furniture Design By Interior Designers ‘Studio Linea’ of Italy


Stylish furniture by Studio Linea

The fascinating interior design company known as Studio Linea is based in Brescia Italy.  The unique creativity of Studio Linea is the result of a partnership between Antonio Feraboli and Angelo Brignolli.  The distinctive feature of the interiors and the intriguing modern furniture, generated by this team, is a perfect blend of a classical style infused with modernism.


Intriguing Modern Furniture Design Fuses Classical with Modernism

By Interior Designers ‘Studio Linea’ of Italy

Intriguing modern furniture


There is something distinctly Italian in the stylish elegance of furniture designed by Studio Linea.  It has a timeless quality which seems to span the centuries between classical antiquity and the present day.  The studio’s website shows image after image of immaculate interiors that are enlivened by unusual and exciting articles of furniture.

Intriguing Modern Furniture Design

Contemporary furniture design ideas by Studio Linea

Feraboli and Brignolli are clearly focused on the luxury end of the interior design spectrum.  To demonstrate the impact they have on the market and the success they achieve, you only have to browse through the seemingly endless gallery of fabulous photographs.  Their work is featured in numerous national and international publications which show the extent of their creative influence.

 Distinctive Interiors with Intriguing Modern Furniture

Stylish furniture design ideas

Fabulous interiors are displayed in Studio Linea’s virtual gallery.  Although each space is individual, all share a similar sophistication and serene quality.  These areas also showcase the intriguing modern furniture collection to perfection


The Unique Styling of Studio Linea’s Intriguing Modern Furniture

Classy furniture design

What sets this collection of intriguing modern furniture apart, from the products of other design companies, is its unique styling.  Each piece combines a tasteful blend of clean lines, quality materials and period influences.  Many of these items, whether lamps cabinets or seating, present a union of unexpected materials such as luxurious marble, exotic timber and sleek steel metal features.  In the hands of less talented designers this mix could result in an unacceptable jumble of ideas.  However, the use of harmonious straight edge geometry or sinuous curves provides an essential framework in which the contrasting materials may merge in a seamless unity.

Intriguing Modern Coffee Table Design

Modern coffee table design

This contemporary furniture range is exceptional and its lines, forms, shapes and surfaces are in complete harmony with Studio Linea’s interiors, reflecting the classical elegance of the whole design concept.


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Beautiful Accessories Ideas by Studio Linea

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Stylish Coffee Table Design

Modern furniture ideas

Modern Double Door Cabinet

Intriguing modern furniture design by Studio Linea

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Intriguing table design

Intriguing Marble Cabinet

Red marble cabinet design

Modern Sofa Design Idea by Studio Linea

Modern furniture creation by Studio Linea

Intriguing Modern Furniture Conception by Studio Linea

Fine furniture design by Studio Linea

Elegant Pouf Design by Studio Linea

Classy tabouret design

Intriguing Modern Furniture

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