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Eye Catching Contemporary Furniture By Rossi di Albizzate of Italy


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Rossi di Albizzate has been designing eye catching contemporary furniture since 1935.  This leading Italian company has achieved global recognition for their powerful and unusual furniture designs.  The company produces four distinctive lines, these are:  Advanced line, Living Area Line, Executive Space Line and the Outdoor line.  Each of these has its own style characteristics.


Lively and Eye Catching Contemporary Furniture Designs

Beautiful sofa design

Ultra soft forms and lines combined with vivid color characterize Rossi di Albizzate’s Advanced Line.  This is a collection of home furnishings for fun loving peopleThere is an extensive range of coordinating products in this series.  Enough to style a whole house if you feel that way inclined.  This playful collection includes pieces that invite you to snuggle up on their yielding upholstery and nestle into their soft forms.  This is comforting furniture that looks as though it is ready to give you a big hug.

Contemporary Furniture Design Ideas by Rossi di Albizzate

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The Advanced Line is not a collection that will attract design purists or lovers of tradition.  Many of the pieces display forms and lines that lack finesse, but they make up for it with bags of character.  This is furniture that: your kids and teenagers will love, that your friends will come and relax on for a chat, and is also perfect for family ‘together’ moments.

Contemporary Furniture by Rossi di Albizzate

Eye catching contemporary furniture design

As well as eye catching contemporary furniture this is ‘lifestyle’ furniture designed to withstand the rough treatment associated with daily use.  It has a wide range of colorful and practical removable covers so don’t despair if your pet decides to curl up in one of the Advanced Line’s cozy corners.


Eye Catching Contemporary Furniture for Sophisticated Interiors

Contemporary furniture by Rossi di Albizzate

This eye catching contemporary furniture series is for sophisticated and streamlined interiors.  Called the Living Area Line, the intended function speaks for itself.  This collection is composed of 26 coordinated systems.  There is a built in flexibility associated with this range that enables a high degree of personalization.  The Living Area Line is a quality collection which includes a refined range of tasteful styles to choose from.  Many of these designs make reference to distinctive style periods.  The overall impact is that this furniture has the timeless quality associated with modern classics.  Very different to the novelty appeal of the Advanced Line.

Modern Furniture Design by Rossi di Albizzate

Stylish contemporary furniture

The flexibility of the units and the richness of finishing techniques allows for endless combinations of units to enhance individual living spaces. As well as fabulous seating units, there are stylish tables, beds and storage units.   In fact there is everything here to completely furnish all areas of the stylish modern home.

Eye Catching Contemporary Furniture for the Office

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The Executive Office Line is dedicated to furnishing prestige office spaces, luxurious conference rooms, and high class business centers. The furniture in this collection is sleek stylish, comfortable and highly functional.  After all, there is no reason why the busy executive/office worker/business person shouldn’t enjoy the same comfort at work as they would find at home.  There are 19 different furniture styles to choose from and over 180 separate products, providing everything for a busy but comfortable working environment.  It is a proven fact that surroundings have an impact on productivity, so this eye catching contemporary furniture in an office environment should help to improve business.


Enjoy Outdoor Living on Eye Catching Contemporary Furniture

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To complete their product range, Rossi di Albizzate have also created a collection of furniture especially designed to suit the rigors of outdoors.  Many pieces share the same lively and colorful designs as the Advanced Line.  The furniture forms are soft, yielding and ideally suited for relaxing outside in the sun.  There are luxury recliners for using on sun terraces or by the pool.  Flexible seating units can be grouped together for social occasions and there is a series of fun and stylish tables to compliment this eye catching contemporary furniture range.  What more could you need to make your summer perfect?


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Contemporary Lounger Design by Rossi di Albizzate

Modern outdoor furniture design by Rossi di Albizzate


 Eye Catching Contemporary Outdoor Furniture Design

Stylish outdoor furniture design



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