Cactus Sofa Design for People with a Sense of Fun

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Every now and then it is good to come across a designer with a sense of humor.  This is certainly the case in relation to the ‘Cactus’ seating arrangement featured here.  It was designed by Paris based designer, Maurizio Galante in collaboration with Cerruti Baleri.  Its hard to know what to call this invention.  It is listed as a sofa, but doesn’t look anything like a typical sofa design, neither is it really an ottoman or a couch in the traditional sense.

Cactus Sofa Design Original Design by Maurizio Galante and  Cerruti Baleri

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The cactus sofa design is in fact a collection of very soft springy spheres that are linked together in a randomly organic arrangement.  The resulting piece of furniture looks like a very, very spongy and soft seating unit. If it weren’t for the somewhat ironic decoration, you would say it also looks exceptionally comfortable.  But, in reality, who wants to throw themselves on to a collection of giant cacti?  This is the irony, to decorate an object with imagery that conveys a contradictory message.

The Irony of the Cactus Sofa Design

Contemporary cactus sofa


Although, the illusion of a pile of massive cacti is pretty convincing of course this is only created by photographic images printed on to the fabric.  Each cactus is made from a yielding elastic fabric. The complete collection combines the cactus sofa design and a series of independent matching stools each are made from polyurethane upholstery over firm wooden bases.

Cactus Sofa Design in Major Exhibition

Cactus sofa design by Maurizio Galante and Cerruti Baleri

This amusing furniture was originally displayed in the ‘Isn’t it Romantic’ exhibition at MAKK in Koln, and does in fact relate closely to Fine Art.  You can see associations with Salvador Dali’s surreal furniture designs as well as clear connections with art objects and soft sculpture that sprang from the Pop Art movement.

Although this furniture is designed for people with a sense of humor, it also makes a serious comment relating to liberating furniture designs from rigid constraints.  This is a trend that we see occurring more and more frequently in contemporary furniture design, as more designers and customers strive for originality in interior design.

Cool Cactus Sofa Design

Futuristic cactus sofa design

Love it or hate it the cactus sofa design is certainly different and very eye catching.  It wouldn’t look good in every home, but could suit very modern interiors.  What do you think?  Would you give it house room?


by Jaz

 Modern Cactus Furniture Design

    Contemporary sofa design idea by Galante and Baleri

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