Your Fireplace in the modern Home

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Your Fireplace in the modern Home


Your Fireplace – Minimalist Living Room Design

Fireplaces are a romantic reminiscence of the time when they have been the place where the family members would gather in the evenings. Today your fireplace is not only a comfortable crib for relaxing, but also a style-making interior element, even an art work.
Designers look at the fireplace as the item of clothing, which the fire wears, and therefore the materials, which are used for constructing it, are diverse. The most common materials include metal, brick fireplace, fireproof glass and glass ceramics fireplaces.

Grill  fireplace


 Grill  Fireplace

There are two basic types for your fireplace – an open fireplace and a closed fireplace. Open fireplaces are more romantic. They create a special sense of cosiness, but as they have a lower coefficient of useful functioning, they are less commonly used. The closed type of fireplace not only decorates the household, but it also heats it well. This type of fireplace makes the most of the wood, it has greater draught and the fire-cameras allow the heat to be held in the confines of the room.

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