Modular Living Room Furniture by Molteni

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Molteni inspires creativity Modular Living Room Furniture


Modular Living Room Furniture by Molteni

Molteni Group is among the leading Italian  producers of Modular Living Room Furniture. It consists of three companies that specialize in home furnishing, office furniture and kitchens. Companies are directed towards the development of new technology absorption, adaptation to the design requirements for high-end home and office and research. Molteni furniture feature the best of tradition and at the same time are the product of advanced technology solutions and experiments that facilitate their use.

Minimalist Modular Living Room Furniture


Minimalist  Modular Living Room Furniture

The Group is a leading manufacturer of modular systems furniture for the Living Space. Already in 1980 Molteni market a large collection of modular elements singly. The idea is to allow customers to combine themselves to plan and design. This ensures individuality and style in your home. The concept of the company evolve over time. Functional products, quality materials and innovative technologies make it possible to make modern design with simple elegance. The furniture is elegant and comfortable, yet are strong and are made with an eye for detail. Molteni modular living room furniture systems are elegant and attractive, they are practical and easy to use.

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