Modern Sitting Room Furniture Design


Modern Sitting Room Furniture Design   Alea of Kettnaker

Function to combine them practical, arranged and easily complement other furnishings in the sitting room. Customers can design their own interior design in your home. People can choose the color and have a drawer handles. The modular elements can be complemented with time to form larger combinations. The opposite is also true-some of the items are removed when the need for more space. This brings individuality in the home, which is the result of personal taste. Alea of Kettnaker provides freedom in designing the interior design. These properties make furniture practical and market demand.The sitting room Furniture Alea of Kettnaker is with minimalist style.

Black and White Modern Sitting Room Furniture Design


Modern Sitting Room Furniture Design   with Modular elements, clean and fine lines

They are clean and fine lines, designed with German precision and mathematical accuracy. The design of this modern sitting room furniture Alea of Kettnaker not ornament. It adapts to humans and the environment. The furniture is placed freely in the room or hung on the wall. The color white predominates. It creates a sense of lightness and brightness of the room. Modular elements in black, gray or beige like white accents to furniture.

Modern Sitting Room Furniture Design

Vertical and horizontal cabinets Alea of ​​Kettnaker

There are vertical and horizontal cabinets of varying width, depth and height. They are suitable for any contemporary home in which people want creative freedom and enough space. Modern people are looking for in your home a modern design with a unique style that can be easily changed. Alea of Kettnaker their products comply with these requirements. The trend is, sitting room furniture to be combined to form a unique and complete ensemble.
Text by Dani Alexandrova

Minimalist  Sitting Room Furniture elements Alea by ​​Kettnaker

Minimalist  Sitting Room Furniture elements Alea by ​​Kettnaker

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