Modern Bedroom Furniture by Bolzan Letti

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Boats Beds of Bolzan Letti-comfort and style

Modern Bedroom Furniture by Bolzan Letti


Bed boat modern bedroom furniture design by Bolzan Letti

When choosing your bedroom furniture like bed, we want it to fit and provide comfort and relaxation in a dream. This is the place where you feel good and be filled with positive emotions after the workday. There, people are left alone with his thoughts, plans and dreams. Beds “boats” of Bolzan Letti provide the necessary requirements for peace, comfort and convenience. Italian company started as a family company 20 years ago, but with innovative and creative products quickly gained worldwide popularity. Manufacturers conquer the market with their careful approach to contemporary trends, quality and original bedroom furniture design.

Modern Bedroom Furniture by Bolzan Letti

The Bedroom Furniture by Bolzan Letti are created with high standard. Modern or classic style combined with maximum comfort are the characteristics of the company’s products. Cotton, satin, linen, cashmere, boiled wool, velvet and softest leather are the materials used to bed the Italian company. Natural materials and faux provide people with style and comfort. Upholstery of beds in different shades of white in earth tones or bright colors such as green, red, yellow, blue and violet. The combination of cream and brown in the boat bedroom furniture  is stylish and sophisticated, the colors create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Modern Bedroom Furniture  by Bolzan Letti

Two shades of blue combined with accessories in pink and green in this bedroom furniture design. This combination is characteristic of Color and pattern is consistent with the requirements of modern design. The colors create a mood and make the room bright and pleasant. A wide range of fabrics and leathers provide choice and meet the taste and preferences of customers. People have choices and the size of the bed. Manufacturers offer a “boat” in two widths of the mattress, and with or without chest for storing bedding. The teenager’s bedroom furniture is fresher and cooler than the Master Bedroom of the Parents.

Modern teenager’s bedroom furniture  by Bolzan Letti


Modern teenager’s bedroom furniture  by Bolzan Letti

The boats are not just beds, they have space in which people seeking asylum, spacious and soft beds, boats are the ideal place to relax. Typical of them are rounded and smooth forms. They suggest peace and comfort. Harmony between colors and shapes makes boats Bolzan Letti preferred in modern interior design, they meet the requirements for comfort, functionality and style.
Text by Dani Alexandrova

Modern interior design bedroom-boat bed by Bolzan Letti

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