Masterpiece inspiration furniture – Amazing leather pouf from Moroso


Inspiration furniture leather pouf from Moroso

The Italian brand Moroso is showing to us a masterpiece inspiration furniture, which we can call a piece of furniture with lots of difficulties.

Mostly, because it is a piece of art. Some people will definitely not accept it as a part of their normal, traditional and classical homes. But for those of you, who loves to be different, and who are not scared of taking the risk to organize their house or a flat in a weird way, we present the Filigrana of Moroso – a stunning leather pouf, whose function is not only to find a place, where you can sit, but it will make the environment beautiful and elegant.

Inspiration furniture Filigrana of Moroso

Inspiration furniture  Filigrana-of-Moroso

Inspiration furniture Filigrana of Moroso

Filigrana of Moroso is a pouf, a seat, a sofa and an armchair – all in all it can be everything you would like it to be. Wherever you put this amazing furniture in your home, it will look incredible. The elegance is emphasized by the finest real leather you can find in the market. The white lines, stripes and meanders are making the pouf look artistic and creative. The approach in the global furniture manufacture is definitely made with Filigrana of Moroso – it can be the icing on the cake among any interior design – home interior, exterior around the pool or in the patio, and even in your office, if your job is connected with the artistic professions.

Amazing Inspiration furniture Filigrana by Moroso


Amazing Inspiration furniture Filigrana by Moroso

The really good and practical thing about the Filigrana of Moroso is its construction. As you can see on the picture, if order this amazing furniture, you will not receive a prepared pouf, but its parts and the instruction how to assemble it. The designers are suggesting you not one but many variants how to construct this masterpiece with the thought about where to put and what to combine it with in mind.

Filigrana of Moroso is a brilliant Inspiration furniture


Filigrana of Moroso is a brilliant Inspiration furniture

Filigrana of Moroso is a brilliant seat place, which reminds me, personally, of the best flower in a paradise garden. Be careful with the organization of the room, which you will choose for a home to this amazing pouf. The other furniture is supposed to be more simple and classical – with the same black and white photographic color scheme.
Text by Abigail

Filigrana Ottoman top Piece Inspiration furniture by Moroso


Filigrana Ottoman top Piece Inspiration furniture by Moroso


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