Husk armchair of B&B

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Husk armchair of B&B Italia-an elegant coziness at home


Husk armchair furniture design of B&B Italia

If you are interested in interior, exterior and furniture design, you have probably heard of B&B and their Hush Armchair. They are those Italian masters that will never stop surprising us and that will never stop helping us in the change of our lifestyle, home and inside world. If you think that all of these talks are garbage, but the change must start with something little – and the furniture at home can be these little things that can transform our everyday bad mood.

Husk armchair modern furniture design of B&B Italia


Husk armchair modern furniture design of B&B Italia

Husk armchair is the newest way to change your rest at home. This armchair comes in a shape of a shell, that embrace your entire body and hides you from the world and from anything bad in your life – admit it, everybody has at least once desired of escape…. Husk armchair of B&B Italia is an elegant coziness that must find a place at your lovely home – it is perfect for your living room at first, for the addition to the mirror in your bedroom and even to the kitchen if you are a good housekeeper and you spend too much time here.

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