Fresh Interior Solutions – Furniture from Nolen Niu

Fresh Interior Solutions – Furniture from Nolen Niu


Fresh Interior Solutions – Fresh Furniture from Nolen Niu

The Interior Solutions should be Odd, simple and practical – these are the three words, which can describe the products with the Nolen Niu trademark.

2011 was a strong and successful year for the company and they have introduced to us a collection of some interesting and pretty pieces of furniture for fresh interior solutions – perfect for a cozy dining room, for the luxury living room and for the contemporary bedroom.

HEDRA™ armchair by Nolen Niu for Fresh Interior Solutions


HEDRA™ armchair by Nolen Niu  Fresh Interior Solution

First thing we would like to share with you, borrowing it from the Nolen Niu`s catalogue, is the HEDRA™ armchair. Its name is coming from the ancient Greek culture and symbolizes solidness, comfortableness and opulence. The six-sided geometrical form is extremely great and can suit to any interior design – from the ordinary and classical one to the minimalistic contemporary masterpiece of the latest trades and tendencies. The damask is real leather and brings you the comfortableness you need, when you want to get some rest on your throne – your favorite armchair, the base is wooden – but still speaks of luxury and gorgeousness.

Another Fresh Interior Solution – Bedroom furniture from Nolen Niu


Fresh Interior Solution  Bedroom furniture from Nolen Niu

The bedroom furniture from Nolen Niu is coming in pure white but in an irregular shape, as well. This bed embrace you entirely while you are sleeping, so you can feel calm, safe and really, really comfortable in it. The silk sheets and the orthopedic pillow make your beautiful dream even better and more magical.

Fresh Interior Solution  – ISO™ low table by Nolen Niu


Modern Interior Solution – ISO™ low table by Nolen Niu

The table with the Nolen Niu trademark is named ISO™. For some of you it will remind you of the It term, used for a kind of a file, so it is perfect for a high-tech interior design or even for the technology maniacs. Actually, the name of this extra ordinary living room table is coming from isometric, because it is obvious that its shape is not a normal one. Nevertheless, it is perfect for your lovely white minimalistic room.

Modern Interior Solution sofa from Nolen Niu


Modern Interior Solution red sofa from Nolen Niu

Great sofas from Nolen Niu have come to us this year, as well. The designers are staking on the bright colors – red and orange – to increase the positive spirit and the good vibrations. The orange sofa is coming with a weird construction that can be put in any room in order to make it more attractive and impressive.
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Modern Interior Solution  Evo Sofa of Nolen Niu


Modern Interior Solution  Evo Sofa of Nolen Niu

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