9 Fascinating Designer Bedside Lamps

Posted on 03/01/2013 Author: . Under: Furniture Design

Innovative and Modern Bedside Lamps

Designer-Bedside-Lamps by Kartell

Staying cozy in bed during the cold winter months has to be many peoples favorite occupation.  Here are some of the most fantastic designer bedside lamps to make your ‘duvet stay’ even more pleasurable and self indulgent.

Light up your Bedroom with a Fascinating Designer Bedside Lamp

 9 Fascinating Designer Bedside Lamp Philippe Starck

Light in the bedroom can be; very evocative, soothing, ambient and comforting. These superb contemporary lamps are of course all designed to function efficiently on a practical level, but are also desirable as highly fascinating objects in their own right.

There are artistic lamps, funky fashion lamps, fun if slightly bizarre designs and practical space saving styles.  Enjoy browsing this selection and imagine having one of these lovely designer bedside lamps to highlight your private moments of pure escapism.

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