Essential living room furniture: the armchair


Essential living room furniture armchair

We all have it in our living room furniture and use it daily without even realizing how magically comfortable it makes our lives.

It is the armchair – the couch’s next of kin and one of the tired man’s best friends. Like all furniture, the armchair also becomes subject of modern design and turns out to be one of the most interesting ones for modeling. Designers from all over the world come with all kinds of variations of the modern armchair. This living room furniture come in various shapes, colors and materials, some are simple and smooth, other take crazy innovative forms and amaze us.

Living Room Furniture – Armchairs Design


Living Room Furniture – Armchairs Design

The modern living room furniture can be kept very simple in the minimalist concept. That also applies for the armchairs. Such and example is the comfortable armchair made by designer Burkhard Vogtherr. The chair was created in 1990 and is favored for its high backrest and its 360̊ swivel base. Its structure is made from metal and the whole chair is covered with moulded polyurethane foam and a fully removable fibre cover. It can also come with a leather cover and has a pouf available with it. As for the color of this living room furniture, you can choose from white, grey, black and red.

Modern Living Room Furniture Armchair Armilla

In the modern living room furniture the armchair can also be fun and playful like the exciting colorful collection of designer Javier Mariscal. He created it in 1995 and developed a few models with large asymmetric shapes that bring a lot of color and joy to the living room. The chairs were originally designed for hotel buildings but a piece like that can definitely lighten up any home.

Modern Living Room Furniture Armchair


Modern Living Room Furniture Armchair

If you don’t like fun you can always go with a more elegant type of living room furniture. Like this beautiful armchair created by designer Philippe Starck in 2007. It is available in three different versions. The first version offers opaque metallic bronze colored nylon base and seat, the second one is with the same seat and a lead-coloured nylon base and the third one offers both the seat and base in glossy white. Each of these variations is perfectly fit for a more luxurious looking home.

Text by K.H.Hristova

Modern Living Room Furniture Design Armchair


Modern Living Room Furniture Design Armchair

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