Art Design Furniture by De Castelli

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Modern-stainless-steel-Stefano-Dussin-seat-table-by-De-Castelli Art Design Furniture by De Castelli

A combination of tradition and modernity, this formula is successful for the Italian company De Castelli producing Art Design Furniture. The company is built on the old family tradition, which dates from the late 19th century. Generations of blacksmiths and steelworkers have enriched us with their knowledge and experience and made it known on the international market. Traditions are enhanced with innovative designs and advanced technologies. Collections of De Castelli comply with today’s lifestyle and meet the requirements of modern humans. The company products are made of iron and stainless steel they  are Art Design Furniture for  interior and exterior design.

Art Design Furniture by De Castelli

Modern-cabinet-Celato-by-De-Castelli Art Design Furniture by De Castelli

Secret hiding place, safe, everything is Celato, this is not just furniture, this is cabinet with many drawers that open and close with just a light touch. Drawers are of different heights and sizes. Celato collection in several versions with different designs. Customers can choose the color according to the other furniture in the room. Celato cabinet can even become invisible if put up a wall of bricks the same color. With the new look is cottage-box room of De Castelli. The Art Design Furniture not only meets the requirements for functionality, but there are aesthetic.

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