35 Modern Ambient Lighting Design Ideas

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35 Modern Ambient Lighting Design Ideas


Ambient Lighting Design Idea by Amanda of Modiss


Stunning and dramatic, flamboyant or Minimalist ambient lighting sets the mood for every situation in life. Light your home for special occasions such as a party or an anniversary, or even a quiet ‘self pampering’ night in with a good book. Soft illumination enhances and encourages intimate moments over a romantic meal. Directional lamps help create a cosy secluded corner for moments of total relaxation within an aura of warm ambient lighting.



Lighting Design by Anastacha of Terzani


With ambient lighting treat your living spaces as stage sets changing the mood and ambience to instantly alter the atmosphere and character. Isolate or create focal points with exciting ambient lighting designs. The light shade itself can be a stunning centre piece to enhance your decorative scheme. A single fabulous ambient light form within a Minimalist environment will add drama and beauty. Use ambient lighting freely to express your creativity.



Lighting Design by Atlantis of Terzani


More than any other aspect of interior design, ambient lighting can be an instant way to alter the appearance of a space. Click a switch and the transformation is immediate. From clear and functional to shadowy and mysterious it is like magic. Strangely, the power of lighting to affect and alter our moods is often overlooked but must not be underestimated. In the same way that you might select a certain piece of music to cheer you up when you are feeling down, select a specific ambient lighting level to make you feel good.



Lighting Design by Bulles of Reflex Angelo


As shown here modern ambient lighting designs come in a huge range of breath taking designs. These examples show the diversity from large transparent sculptural forms to complex compositional pieces, inventively made from a mass of smaller elements. Ambient lighting styles can be excitingly futuristic, or relate to historic forms and shapes from previous design eras. These exquisite lighting designs are clearly artworks in their own right, their formal qualities providing immense aesthetic satisfaction as well as serving the important function of enhancing your home with gorgeous ambient lighting.

By Jaz

Interior Lighting



Lighting Design by Ceremony of Slamp



Lighting Design by Citadel of Quasar



Lighting Design by Custom Design and Installations of Willowlamp



Lighting Design by Digital Dreams of Brand van Egmond



Lighting Design by Dione of Licht im Raum



Lighting Design by DNA of next



Lighting Design by Droplet Art Chandeliers of Willowlamp



Lighting Design by Etoile of Terzani



Lighting Design by Flowers of Hüttners




Lighting Design by Jewel of HARCO LOOR


Lighting Design by Kitzbühel of Isabel Hamm


Lighting Design by Klerk of Orsjo Belysning


Lighting Design by Light Structure T4 of Archxx


Lighting Design by Lillibet Comodina of Slamp


Lighting Design by Mademoiselle of Terzani


Lighting Design by Minimal Degas of Barovier&Toso


Lighting Design by Moonflower Chandeliers of Willowlamp


Lighting Design by München of Isabel Hamm


Lighting Design by Nebula Art Chandeliers of Willowlamp



Lighting Design by Night Watch series of Brand van Egmo


Lighting Design by Octave of Jacco Maris


Lighting Design by Ocular luminaires of Licht im Raum


Lighting Design by Scotch chandelier of Woka


Lighting Design by St. Johann of Isabel Hamm


Lighting Design by Stilio of Licht im Raum


Lighting Design by Stream of Terzani


Lighting Design by Symbiolite of Kalmar


Lighting Design by TamTam of Barovier&Toso


Lighting Design by Zoom of serien.lighting





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