35 Amazing Living Space Room Dividers

Posted on 02/01/2012 Author: . Under: Furniture Design

 35 Amazing Room Dividers


The architecture and interior design living space may not only utilitarian but aesthetic functions. It must be so organized that its partitions are related to organic, while offering freedom. The ideal living space is individual for each person. People need a place that gives them a sense of calm. This is the partitions for privacy and relaxation. Living space may be of different size and shape and to divide the space into separate areas.

 Living Space Room Dividers  by cWave of Dieffebi



It is very effective and rational separation of living space with modular elements. They are easy to assemble and produce interesting and varied configurations and partitions. Manufacturers have provided the addition or removal of some elements to achieve a new and unique living space. Impressive partitions are achieved with elements of geometric or asymmetrical shapes. Cylinders, cones, elements in the form of a cross are arranged in interesting combinations with partitions form a cozy and comfortable living space.

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