16 amazing and modern furniture design ideas for the modern home

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16 amazing and modern furniture design Ideas for the modern home


Furniture design Idea Leaf Hammock of GAEAforms

The tendencies of the contemporary furniture design are targeted at convenience, practicality, ecology and establishing a good atmosphere. The tendencies are targeted at familiar things, because the furniture and interior elements cannot differ too much, as they have a common use. New things are present mostly in the details. There is an interesting tendency, which has recently started to be used in furniture design – projects, which are based on natural shapes. Models on the base of geometrics are also being developed, focusing on small elements. In other furniture design models, the even surface is replaced by using cassettes.

Furniture Design Idea Lounge by TUUCI


Furniture Design Idea Lounge by TUUCI

Kitchen furniture designis more often  on the basis of the horizontal design configuration and sparse use of metal. The use of metal is also discrete in the dining-room. In general, the idea of using metal and wood in measures is widely in use in the furniture’s structure. This idea is also present in the bedroom and living-room modules. The tendency of combining metal, glass and stone is now much more balanced, as this combination gives a cold touch to the place’s appearance. The good combination of textile and wood in the furniture’s structure was able to settle out this mismatch in the furnishing configuration. The cherry wooden decors and the deeply dark wenge gave way to pure wooden, resembling a peeled oak. It is correlated well with metal and stone.

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