The sofa – a main furnishing element in the contemporary household


Modern sofa design

The sofa, at first being simply a place to sit, has now become a symbol of hospitality.

It now has a centre place in the household, office, trade centres and public buildings. Its design should foremost be comfortable. The choice of sofa is a key moment to creating a unique interior design for the room, which it is meant for. Various shapes are used to satisfy the growing number of requirements for functionality, comfort and ergonomics. L-shaped with left and right armrests, module constructions, comfortable twin and triplet sofas are the new stylish decisions for this piece of furniture.

Modern leather sofa design


Modern leather sofa design

The arm rests can either be mildly added, or made to be accenting, the backrest can have different ergonomic value. The corpuses can be wooden or metal, hidden or visible. The contemporary sofas are produced by high quality materials. Their stuffing is usually made of goose fluff, or silicon threats. Valances for a contemporary sofa are most commonly made of natural materials, such as fluff and velvet. Outer seams with buttons, sewn onto them are a fresh modernistic idea. As for the colours, white, black, brown and green are in style – all of which colours with ethno motives.

Modern sofa furniture design

When choosing a sofa, the size of the place, where it will be placed, should be taken into consideration, since the sofa is a piece of furniture, where we can rest and sit down to chat with friends, it should be sufficiently big, without taking up all the space in the room. It doesn’t belong near the wall anymore. It can easily be placed in the centre of the room and become a centre element in its furnishing.

Modern living room sofa


Modern living room sofa

If the sofa is not one sided, it would be more practical to use and that way it can be a more suitable for relaxation during the holiday season, when everything in the household is overcrowded with various possessions and decorations lying around. Cushions are a good idea to give the sofa a pleasant appeal. The sofa is an item of furniture, which can often be used to form a crib for everybody to gather around. The choice of design and colour is up to the household masters, the only initial requirements for the sofa are convenience, style, comfort and cosiness.

Text by B. Angelov

High-tech sofa design


High-tech sofa design

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