Minimalistic wicked furniture of 2011


Contemporary minimalist furniture

These five ideas for refreshment in your traditional and classic home interior look original and rare but as a matter of fact, they are extremely popular. They have become one of the most bought and wished for elements in the home interior design of this 2011 year. The contemporary armchair in a minimalistic style on the first photograph is odd and wicked and it is comfortable and brilliant as an idea, as well. The point is that it is not that big as a size but it is as comfortable as those retro armchairs with soft damask are.

Minimalist furnitures


Mid century minimalist furnitures

Most of all, this piece of furniture is compact and could be place anywhere in the house – in the living room as main set of chairs, in the kitchen for a break in the interior design and even in the bedroom next to the dressing table. The round glass table with marble posture is a delicate and fine masterpiece that deserves an honored place in a luxurious and elegant environment. The big marble ball on the bottom of the table creates an illusion that it is big and immense but actually this piece of furniture is compact enough to be place in the corner or in the middle of a room.

Minimalist table design


Minimalist table design by Ilia Potemine

The third idea for some wicked furniture at home is a set for a small saloon. The elegant armchairs are covered with real leather. Sitting here you may not want to stand up ever because the coziness you are going to feel will place into another level of the relaxation process. The low glass table is with a weird posture and it is diversifying the whole interior design. The wooden furniture of the fourth image is a hybrid between a bed and a comfortable sofa. The material that is used – teak or bamboo wood – maybe does not make some association of comfortableness.

Minimalist design


Minimalist design by Karim Rashid

The point is that this sofa could be well used for medical use, especially for the people that have some spinal disorders. The most interesting and unusual thing about this furniture is its hollow and green ornaments. Last picture symbolizes the idea of different lifestyle. This extra ordinary design of this table represents to us a construction of almost twenty marble slabs that together creates an awesome mosaic that meanwhile is a perfect table for the living room in any minimalistic house.

Text by Abigail

Minimalist table design


Minimalist table design

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