Eccentric tables for your crazy home


Eccentric tables for your crazy home

Eccentric furnish designs can fresh a room that needs some repair while you need the money for it in order to pay your bills or to go on a family vacation. That is the main function of the original designer`s pieces of furniture – to change the main view in a room, no matter how long ago you have had the last repair or refreshment of it. This time we are glad to introduce you a couple of eccentric tables that could definitely change the interior design in any room at home. Its irregular shapes and conceptions upon which they were made reduce the lack of painting the walls, changing the floor pavement or rearrange the set of furniture you have already bought for the room.

Coffee table made of marble


Rotating coffee table made of marble

First idea for a vanguard and elegant table comes from Spain. We observe a marble table with regular rounded shape but with the irregular construction that allows fast transformation for any need in a situation you are visited by distant relatives. The classic white and beige colors are combined with some elegant black spots that imitate rifts. This put a big amount of authenticity in the eccentric table. Although, what make this table eccentric are the little crystal balls that spin in the corner of the table all the time – hypnotized, ha?


Stylish tricycle table design

Second eccentric design for a home table comes from an artist who suggests combining the exterior with the interior. This furniture is actually an original hybrid between a stand for a tale and a whole bicycle. The eccentric table is really resourceful. First of all, the bicycle basket can be used for a cabinet and second of all, all of us have at least once that situation – who is going to help me now with moving the table?

Disco mood star table design


Disco mood star table design

This table is easy to be moved – the wheels will do it by their own. Last eccentric table is a party rack for drinks and tidbits. It will look beautifully in the middle of the lounge or somewhere in the dining room where you love to party every day. The illuminations inside the table creates some disco mood and the stars that shines all over the room make you a real star if you can afford risking and bringing such an eccentric piece of furniture at home.

Corocotta table


Jason Phillips designed Corocotta table



Published by Dimitar Dimitrov