Wooden furniture – exceptional comfort in the interior

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Wooden furniture – exceptional comfort in the interior


Living room with wooden modular furniture

Typically, in the manufacture of modular and modular furniture most commonly used material is wood. The truth is actually that the tree looks very aesthetically pleasing; it is warm to the touch and brings exceptional comfort in the interior.
Traditionally, an array of natural wood is an extremely valuable material, it is environmentally friendly, and another big an advantage is that it can be repeatedly repaired and upgraded. Of course, wood as a material has its drawbacks.For example, that tree is fire resistant and is unstable and mechanical damage, as well as furniture made from this material requires constant care and maintenance. High quality wood used in furniture manufacturing, must be well dried, and on its surface must be free of cracks.

Cabinet in hallway


Walnut hallway cabinet


In the manufacture of furniture, the most widely used ones are valuable timber species such as oak, walnut, mahogany, birch, ash, beech, maple, cherry, and the main value of the aforementioned types of wood is their strength.
Nowadays, the furniture of cherry or walnut, which furniture stores offer us, are mainly imported from abroad. While domestic furniture manufacturers are working mainly with material from oak, beech and birch.
A large part of the furniture today is made of pine, but it is not considered a valuable tree species. This is held on the fact that the pine furniture  are very soft and they are easily damaged and often on the surface appear dents or scratches.

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