The lounge sofa

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The lounge sofa


Contemporary lounge sofas waves

Another favourite with multifunctional furniture is the sofa, which is actually a low piece of furniture, which looks as if it was created on grounds of happy stories about the Muslim East. This furniture is usually upholstered in fabric or leather and is designed in vivid colours. On it can have large and fluffy pillows. In the beginning, this beautiful furniture was filled with wool or horsehair, but then the producers started using steel springs. Now, already a century and a half since then, mostly people sit on this furniture. At the outset, people preferred to sit on the couch rather than lie on it.

Stylish lounge sofa design

 That is why today our eyes enjoy sofas with different designs – some with backs like chairs, and others – with separate seats. Nevertheless, gradually people began to realize the convenience to lie on the couch. Therefore, from the time, when the Europeans began to lie and even to sleep on the couch, it changed a lot in terms of its appearance. Of course, right in the living room is preserved and classic parlor sofas.

Sofas in the style of Louis XVI

Even in addition to the sofas were added and various chic stylization, such as sofas in the style of Louis XVI, who possess shining attributes. Of course, proponents of the new materials and structures are devised various additions such as chrome pipes, colored leather cushions, curved plywood and even inflatable modules.

Lounge sofas interior design


Lounge sofas interior design

 The lounge sofa still continues to delight the eye and commands respect. It is widely used in office premises and has a wonderful interior decor for most rooms, for business meetings and negotiations. Thanks to the urbanization, in traditional residential building or the apartment cannot have the required number of bedrooms, so maybe the only solution here, is the living room to become a room to sleep for the night.

Futuristic sofa design

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