Sofas and design trends


Hi-tech black sofa

Maybe you do not believe, but the development of upholstered sofa furniture is the result of the improvement of female fashion! After crinoline fashion skirts, for the women it was still important to sit on soft and comfortable seats. So, were designed and constructed brand new furniture for the new conditions.
In this difficult and important task first is engaged Josef Hoffmann in the XIX century. The rules for constructing furniture, at that time were quite simple. It all boils down to is, the furniture to be healthier than purely medical point. Just because of this approach in its design, furniture helps tired body to relax and rest well. If the soft furniture is low quality, then it will further burden the body and this can lead to many problems with the spine, joints and muscles.

Stylish white sofa


Contemporary white corner sofa

On the other hand, we all want beautiful sofa furniture with unusual shapes and designs. That is why this is necessary notorious precision engineering, which allows us to calculate the correct design for the designated furniture. The trim has been known for many years and it originally served as camouflage for coil springs. In fact, it is an interesting invention, which was truly revolutionary for its time, with regard to features on furniture designed for sitting. The innovation here is down to it, that the springs allow for a softer seat and in addition, they make the movements of sitting and getting up easier and smoother.The innovative technology, which enables the sofa to be covered with cloth, for the first time was applied during the XVIII century.

Upholstery sofa


Modern upholstery sofa with pillows

In early, the spring in the design of the furniture is installed only chairs for exterior use, because thus, people were able to get comfortable seating even when were not home. In XIX century, the springs began to be used also in large seats, which led to the emergence of today’s furniture, as well known to us sofas and armchairs.
Very interesting is that during the International Exhibition of furniture manufacturers from around the world in 1867, everyone who until recently was only a simple carpenter, here is envisioned themselves as a great master who has exceptional skills to do upholstery. Therefore, originated as a simple necessity, the upholstery quickly received worldwide fame.
For centuries, the furniture was related to architectural design styles. In XX century, however, the interior design, however, reached its boom in development and this is reflected in an extraordinary way of modern furniture design. Proportions of new homes make the upholstered furniture in something very important for the interior of the guest’s rooms and recreational areas.

Sofa with two armchairs


Light brown leather sofa with two armchairs

Typically, traditional furniture is a kit that combines a sofa and two armchairs. In the group of upholstered furniture, we also can put and the corner sofas, couches, armchairs, sofa and threes, stools and so on. The purpose of upholstered furniture is the convenience and the comfort of the family and of course that of their guests. For this reason, upholstered furniture is most often located in the living room. This area usually is complemented with a coffee table.Modern sofa sets also allow many different individual combinations and us. Modern sofa sets allow us many different and individual combinations. For example, the sofa with three seats, armchair and ottoman is a great solution. The options do not stop here – and combinations are possible between two sofa, sofa and three armchairs, three or two armchairs. Likewise, it can be shaped or round corner module of sofas, which occupies half the space in the living room. You of course, you can choose a huge sofa in six parts, which can be used separately and together as one whole. Upholstered furniture can be purchased as one complete whole, or on individual pieces. The main problem in modern homes is the lack of space and instead you fill your home with heavy and large furniture, the contemporary designers recommend us truly perfect modern furniture as sofas, couches, corners, armchairs and footstools. These furniture pieces are versatile and are specifically designed for small spaces. However, among the diversity of ideas, concepts and technologies, we can identify several trends in contemporary furniture design.One of the most important trends in fashion and sofa is of course their versatility. General principle here is – at least furniture – maximum benefit. Two in one, three in one or even four in one already defined itself as fashion design modern furniture. Another important trend is the modularity of the furniture. Thus can be designed several basic elements, and between them to make many combinations of colors and shapes. This is truly brilliant and extremely useful and it can improve the manner of use of space in our homes. Another trend in modern furniture design is ergonomic furniture and simplification of forms and systems. Very functional and versatile are also those pieces that can be transformed, and those who have multiple mechanisms of stretching, folding and adjustable in position.
Such a smooth transformation of furniture from one species into another, acts as a true magic of our space.

Corner sofa


Black white corner sofa with armchair and stool

Therefore, modern decor and living room, dining room and kitchen, where in a larger area may be shaped areas, are preferred mainly corner sofas, which include base part, extensible part and dower-chest. Of course, every designer constantly trying to put all our imagination and to achieve a more minimalist and stripped of unnecessary elements designs, which to meet the modern requirements for comfort and style. Contemporary furniture designers are constantly trying to create new original forms of sofas, but of course, now no longer so dependent on the materials they use. This is because many of the materials used are similar to the natural ones, using mostly materials, which cause pleasant associations in our imagination. Currently, the market there are many models with geometric designs that resemble toys: seat – a rectangle, cylindrical or triangular backs elbow rests.
Sofas today usually have a framework of metal pipes, and they often attached to a rotating table so that you can put it in a book or some other small object. Indeed, modern furniture can be used as a topology material. This is confirmed by the fact that modern furniture has a curved shape of the plane of the seat or the seat is broken several times, and sometimes it is even cut. All this demonstrates not only the freedom of thinking of the designer, but also speaks of a functional thought because this provides an important contact of the feet of the occupant with the floor.
In modern equipment, the furniture with a multifunctional use is becoming more popular. If you do not have enough space for much furniture in your home, a couch for example, will be suitable for sitting during the day, and at night, it can be transformed in a comfortable bed. This can be very successful tactic if your surprise a guest, for example and he needs to spend the night in your home.
Besides the elegant look, which you can achieve with appropriate bedding, the sofa is very comfortable and practical furniture. There are many different types of sofas, each of which is suitable for a particular room of the house, such as living room, office or nursery. In this way, the choice of such furniture is as easy as possible, and this guarantees you a perfect combination with the main theme of the design. Sofas are furniture, which is used simultaneously as both sofa and sofa bed. They have two armrests and a backrest and thus their structure is more like a sofa. There are also many other options for the design of the sofas. Frame materials on the couch for example, may be of wood, metal or rattan. In addition, many are experimenting with the style and design.

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