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Coffee table sculpture under glass

Larry and Nancy Buechley – an entirely different family who lives, works and works under one roof.

Could it? Does not interfere with family fights and pressure on the job? Even psychologists advise never husband and wife can’t work together. But I will refute all the allegations as presents collaboration family Buechley – exquisite works of art that went from the hands of love. They design charming, contemporary wood furniture – coffee tables, dinning tables, chairs, easels, settees, desks or side tables.

Modern design Wovenwood coffee table


Modern design Wovenwood coffee table

The design of each of their furniture is carefully designed and every detail is with clean and soft curving lines as in the production of each piece of furniture using the technique of bent lamination. Both have studied Аrts at Indiana University – Nancy has dealt with art and painting, and Larry focusing on sculpture. So they are perfectly complement – ideas on paper and real constructions. Now in their woodworking studio in the mountain village of El Valle (New Mexico), they create original sculpture under glass with real wood.

Stylish Trefoil coffee table

I will now present their fine selection of coffee tables – a consummate grace. Each of us is already accustomed to look and see different ideas and most importantly- we like it. The title of their collection does not give full picture of what we have here. This table is from Ash, Walnut and Glass, twisted like a ribbons and is with double loop – it’s a complicated design, but still is looking soft. They are not of uniform composition – it’s used more than one type of wood. In each model, they find the natural design and a variety of colors. They achieved great contrasts using more exotic materials wherever possible.

Contemporary Trefoil coffee table


Contemporary Trefoil coffee table

Trefoil Coffee Table: This is amazing combination of Cherry and Wenge. The top side of this tripod table with gentle curves finished with sharp peak is wenge wood. The bottom side is from cherry wood, which its creators have left their own signature and date of creation – as if their furniture has its own date of birth.

to be continued…

Wooden detail of Trefoil coffee table


Wooden detail of Trefoil coffee table

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