Ideas for corridor furniture

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Ideas for corridor furniture


Corridor interior idea

Corridors in flats and houses are usually left with no tasty decorations or even with no piece of furniture. We think this territory is just a transit way to the main rooms at home and forget the meaning of every little element in homes that says something or if they are not put on the right place cannot say anything and mess up the whole interior design conception – thus how it goes to hell.Corridor furniture is as important as furniture in any other room at home. After all that premises, called corridors make first impressions to people who enter our door, first feelings we feel when we get home after bad day at work or sad story we went through.

Corridor furnishing idea

That is why it so important to arrange and furnish our corridor – to make ourselves look like we are welcoming and pleased to be at home for visitors any time. Start with things that are actually necessary for corridor interior design. First of all, there is nowhere else we can put our shoes save for the corridor territory. Naturally, there are women who are more than obsessed by the shoes mania and they possess an entire cupboard for their rich shoes collection. Thank God this is not an often case – that would say every man. So, shoes then must be tidily set in order in a cabinet placed in the corridor. Our tip is to buy a steel one.

Smart minimalist shelves

Wooden shelves are breakable for too many pairs of shoes. Combine the color of the cabinet with the paint you have painted the walls with. An extravagant idea could be to choose some bright colors for your corridor – lovely pink, peaceful green or fascinating blue.Install some golden or silver hat and coat racks on the walls and near the entrance door in your home. A little bit luxury in your corridor will not do any harm to you and your budget. Continue the golden line in your choice for a frame for the mirror. Everybody needs some big mirror in the corridor to make check the haircut before leaving the house or flat. Decorate your corridors with paintings, vases in the corner or even a set of sofa and some chairs next to the door.

Contemporary corridor furniture


Contemporary corridor furniture

Tuscan corridor furnishing

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