Garden furniture, made of different materials

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Garden furniture, made of different materials


Concrete garden furniture

Garden furniture has always been a charming decoration for our homes. Their diversity is very high in the market and all models are available as color, size and material of manufacture. In general, garden furniture is more specific than usual and this is due to higher requirements for them. This should take into consideration that they are designed for outdoor use, which need to be made of a weather-resistant materials.
From what materials can be made garden furniture?
If you need to classify them according to their imperviousness to weather, then the winners there will undoubtedly are the materials such as concrete and granite. Yes, concrete and granite are compelling, yet they are too heavy, especially if your garden is not very large.

If we consider the decoration of public places such as parks and gardens, then we can really trust these materials. Especially taking into account, there are many malevolent people who may damage the benches and other garden furniture.

Metal garden furniture


Metal garden furniture set with table and chairs

In the next set of garden furniture, which can also boast with a resistance material, includes pieces of furniture such as tables, chairs, chairs or benches made of metal. They are great for any yard or public place. There are many beautiful models of wrought iron, which would satisfy the most demanding taste. Their beauty is unspoiled, with beautiful shapes, like sculptures. These models are really delicate and airy and yet we can say that they are an elegant solution for any outdoor- balcony, garden / why not and internal / spaces.

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