Minimalist lounge chair by Desiree

Posted on 27/10/2011 Author: . Under: Furniture


The Eli Fly is a wonderful minimalist lounge chair. With its unique S-shaped seat it fits every curve of the human body.  The chair is designed by Jai Jalan and it is made of high – density polyurethane with a glamorous glossy lacquered finish.

Minimalist lounge chair in black and white


The minimalist lounge chair is available in two colors – black and white. This item has a very special appearance. Eli Fly is the first thing you will notice when you enter a room. It is one of the most eye-catching furniture pieces by Desiree because it has a simple, classy design and yet very unique and sexy. Eli Fly is very compatible with any kind of interior, especially the modern and futuristic. You can put the Eli Fly lounge chair anywhere you want. It is suitable for your living room, bedroom, even your office or a large hall. Because it is made of new materials it is quite light and can be easily rearranged in your home.

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