Luxury leather furniture by Hancock & Moore

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Time to glam up your space! Don’t be afraid as the effect will be mesmerizing. All you have to do is to find out luxury leather furniture. Well, it’s not something common, but nothing common can give you that fascinating transformation of your home. Sparkling glamour is only for people who adore glamour. If you are one of them then have a look at the new glamour furniture by modern furniture brand Hancock & Moore. They surely know how to glam up your space with style! Their fantastic furniture collection is as exquisite as you may expect.

Luxury leather furniture – Exquisite sofa

Luxury-exquisite-sofa-by-Hancock & Moore

Just check out the luxury leather furniture and the exquisite sofa that boasts an elegant, smooth back with buttoning and supple leather upholstery. It features luxurious Lola Metal leather back and armrests, and Dustin Steele fabric outback and seat which fully complement the Java wood finish.

Achieve ottoman

Achieve-ottoman-by-Hancock & Moore

Another glamorous piece is the Achieve Ottoman which is a true masterpiece! It features Segovia Flame red-leather upholstery with embossed pattern which can instantly lighten up your living area. You can find the Achieve Ottoman in a range of hot hues bringing hot waves into your décor.

Luxury picabo chair


Another marvelous piece in this contemporary and cool collection is the Picabo Chair. The chair is small but big in effect! It will surely bring enough glamour to your home with its leather upholstery in an embossed reptile-skin print, cool color and its opalescent finish.

Herdon wing chair


And what about the Herdon Wing Chair? It is a sophisticated seat that boasts a warm Vienna wood finish complemented by Serengeti Dusk Burnished leather. It is perfect for a masculine library or home office.

Luxury lansing chair

Luxury-lansing-chair-by-Hancock & Moore

 The awesome Lansing Chair is more sculptural, and has delicate carved-wood detail in a gentle Driftwood finish with Old Croc Smoke leather.

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