Contemporary cottage house by tecARCHITECTURE

Posted on 31/10/2011 Author: . Under: Furniture


Take a look at this modern reminiscence of a traditional Swiss cottage. This beautiful home is situated in Switzerland. The cottage house with modern rustic- chic style architecture design somehow manages to treasure up the traditional cottage style and look very modern at the same time. A house like this has been unforeseen. The originality of the architects has exceeded any expectations. A house like this is really something new and extraordinary. In fact, you can see that the architect has played a lot with the rules in order to create something so beautiful and unique.

Cottage house design


The idea of a glass house cottage house design of a conventional roofline is priceless. It is very simple and yet very creative. This amazing home can make you fall in love with it in an instant. It touches the heart in a unique way. With its traditional, yet very contemporary look, it is one of the best architectural ideas of the year. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the design, it is actually quite hard to accomplish such architectural beauty. For those who like the modern rustic style this house is a dream come true.

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