Baby room furniture by BabyBjorn


This light-weight baby room furniture is designed to give soft harmony and create a peaceful, secured place for your baby.

The Transparent Bassinet Cradle “Harmony” by BabyBjorn is the perfect sleeping place for the newborn, which will keep him safe day and night. Because it is so small and light-weight, it is very easy to carry and it can be moved around in your living place. Thanks to this baby room furniture  the baby can be under your watch all the time.

Baby room furniture – Transparent bassinet cradle


One of the best things about this baby room furniture is that you don’t have to rock it yourself. The baby’s own movements can create the rocking effect very easily allowing the baby to spring gently in a soft motion. Therefore, if you are too busy, the baby can rock the cradle on his own, all you need to do is keep an eye on it from time to time. Of course, you can lull it yourself in order to put the baby to sleep.  The cradle has a perfectly smooth and natural rock. You can be sure that there is no possible way for the baby to be injured in this cradle. It is absolutely safe and comfortable. “Sleeping like a baby”  has a whole new meaning, thanks to the nursery furniture Babybjorn Cradle – “Harmony”.

Baby room furniture


Babybjorn Bassinet Harmony has a very comfortable cozy and soft interior. The Harmony Cradle is not only comfortable and safe, it is stylish, beautiful, and also a very elegant piece of furniture. It is made of transparent mesh fabric with a modern design and contemporary elements. Your newborn can spend the night in the cradle even in the early days. The babies need to sleep a lot so they can grow stronger. The parent has to ensure that his child gets a safe, healthy and comfortable sleep.  Give your baby the best rest. He needs it more than anything.


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