Modular furniture system – Bagigio by Myyour

Posted on 21/09/2011 Author: . Under: Furniture


Bagigio by Myyour is a limitless solution that physically represents Myyour’s slogan – “Italian different concept”. Bagigio is definitely a different concept. If you read this article you will find out why. One of the many interesting things about this unique, modular furniture system is exactly the very special modular element. It is a three-dimensional reproduction of the symbol of infinity and a representation of the spatial macro image of a bipolar atomic link. There are no limits as to how you can arrange it to fit your modern interior.

 Modular furniture system elements


These modular furniture system elements are made for modern, futuristic interior design. You can use your imagination and turn them into whatever piece of furniture you need. The Bagigio system can become a tall counter, a coffee table, a space divider or another solution for your home or office. The coffee table solution is quite interesting and unique. The space divider can be as wide as you want it to be and the counter can be as tall as you wish. You don’t need to measure anything in the room in order to figure out what may fit. Bagigio fits everywhere. The pieces can be attached in countless ways in order to fit in any space or area and suit every need. Bagigio is a compatible, flexible solution for any kind of modern interior.

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