Square couch design ideas for the ultimate comfort and relax

modular pit sofa square couch ideas white upholstery decorative pillows

What is a square couch? By definition it is a couch that is designed to follow the shape of a square. However, if you wanted to have the ultimate comfort at home and a couch that is out of the conventional, you may opt for unusual designs which will be a centerpiece in your living room.


How to choose a square couch?


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If you have decided to opt for an unconventional square couch, the first thing you need to know is the available space. This will determine the size of the sofa, hence the way you will feel while sitting. The overall design of your home will determine the style of the sofa – modern or traditional. Having in mind that these couches are quite big, you wouldn’t want a ultra modern couch in the middle of a traditional interior. Carefully choose the type of upholstery. Leather couches with straight lines look amazingly beautiful while upholstered sofas provide a more homey feeling.


Square couch design ideas – a sectional sofa that makes a statement

beautiful sectional sofa sqare couch ideas living room furniture

A sectional square couch is, probably, the best option for either small or large spaces. Sectional sofas are extremely flexible and you can arrange and rearrange them as per your wish and need. Some designs feature perfect square shapes which can be upholstered in different colors. Thus the couch will have a double function – the colors can be used as interior accents and at the same time you will have a modern furniture piece. Complemented by decorative pillows in matching or contrast colors, your square couch will make a unique statement and will express your individuality and creativity.


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Square couches can work for both classic and modern interiors. For example a large tufted coach in a luxury upholstery will add a feeling of exclusivity to the room, a sense of aristocratism and refined sophistication. In modern and contemporary interiors you can take advantage of the straight lines and the strict geometric shape which are a characteristic feature of minimalist interiors. Black, white, gray colors will make the couch a centerpiece in your living room. Choose modern upholstery to stress on the modern appearance and unconventional shape.


 Sectional couches are flexible and functional

square sectional sofa modern living room furniture side tables

A square couch in a modern living room

contemporary square couch green upholstery modern living room

 Modern couch with side table

square couch design ideas contemporary living room interiors

 Square sectional sofas can be used in small rooms


 Black white square couch

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 leather square couch living room furniture ideas

square couch pit couch sectional sofa ideas living room furniture design

 sectional sofas sqare couch ideas decorative pillows

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square couch design ideas modern living room furniture

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