Contemporary sofa design – the cantilevered sofas by Paulo Kobylka

contemporary sofa design L shape cantilevered sofa by Paulo Kobylka

An original and unusual interpretation of a daily object – this is what Brazilian architect Paulo Kobylka is offering – a set of cantilevered sofas designed to look like concrete slabs. The set shows a contemporary sofa design in minimalist style and an appearance as if concrete slabs are topped over one another.

Creative and original contemporary sofa design

contemporary sofa design concrete slabs vision cantilevered sofa

The inspiration for this contemporary sofa design lies within architecture which is most natural as the designer is an architect. The possibilities of concrete for creating various structures, different from buildings, have been successfully exploited in the sofa design. Simple, straight lines, strict geometry – this is what defines the two sofas which the designer called PK1 and PK2. Both sofas are upholstered in grey and feature three main design elements – a horizontal base, a seat, and a low vertical back. The design allows an arrangement in which the cushion of the PK2 sofa is fitted over the corner of the PK1 model and together they form an L-shaped long sitting area. The grey upholstery underlines the resemblance of the sofas with concrete elements.

 Cantilevered contemporary sofa design for modern home interior

Cantilevered sofa by Paulo Kobylka modern living room furniture grey upholstery

Both models have offset cushions and the difference in levels leaves small niches where interior accents can be displayed. These sofa cushions provide enough weigh support even if a person is sitting on the overlapping section. Whether used separately or as an ensemble, the cantilevered contemporary sofa design will give functionality and convenience to the living room. It can be accentuated with splashes of color on a carpet or wall art and transform a boring interior into a dynamic and exciting space.

contemporary furniture cantilevered sofa by Paulo Kobylka modern home interior design

The cantilevered sofa provides a lot of seating space

Cantilevered sofa by Paulo Kobylka contemporary sofa design home interior L shape

 Cantilevered sofa – PK1 model

minimalist interior grey cantilevered sofa by Paulo Kobylka original furniture design

  Cantilevered sofa – PK2 model

Cantilevered sofa by Paulo Kobylka

  The two models together form an L-shaped sofa

Cantilevered sofa by Paulo Kobylka two models form one big sofa


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