Awesome modular wine wall – an elegant addition to your home interior

modern loft wine rack wall mounted panels

Wine storage may be an issue for every modern dwelling place, no matter big or small. Stact is a perfect solution for every wine connoisseur and a convenient way to display your collection in a stylish and elegant way. Designed by the award winning designer Eric Pfeiffer, the modular wine wall is modern, space saving and absolutely customizable.


Easy to install modular wine wall

 wine storage ideas stact wine wall modern home interior design

The modular wine wall is unique in its design. Stact appears as something suspended in mid-air. It is so minimalist that at first sight you may think it is a form of modern art and not understand that you are actually looking at a wine storage unit. The unit has very small number of components and the assembly is very easy. All you need is a dry-wall surface. No need of taking various measures, no need to drill numerous holes – you can install Stact in any niche, wall or unusable space in your home and have an elegant showpiece in your home.

Flexible and expandable modular wine wall

Stact wall mounting wine storage panels various colors

Besides being contemporary and stylish, this modular wine wall is designed in such way that one could expand and adapt it as per his personal preferences and existing home interior. Stact is manufactured in various woods and colors. You can match the different modules or create contrasts with different colored panels or mix them at your own wish. Made of high quality aircraft-grade aluminum, each panel nestles 12-bottles and is available in walnut, white oak, orange, piano black and a large variety of colors and finishings. Placed in the kitchen, dining room or even in your home cellar, there is one thing for sure- Stact is going to work for you!

minimalist design modern modular wine wall with white panels

Stact panels can be expanded when needed


Modern home interior and minimalist design of wine storage rack

minimalist elegant wine storage idea modular wine wall

 The modular wine storage wall becomes a part of the interior


 Convenient and easy to install

wine storage rack idea wall mounted wine storage panels walnut orange

 Panels fit to each other easily

wall mounted wine rack storage panels stact modular wine wall

 Variety of panel colors

Stact modular wine wall minimalist design

 Modular wine wall looks like a piece of modern art


Stact can be integrated in the existing home decor

creative design ideas modular wine wall

Contemporary kitchen with modular wine wall

modern home interior design stact wine wall

stact contemporary modular wine wall in the home interior

stact modular wine wall natural wood veneer

stact modular wine wall panel piano black innovative wine storage solutions

modular wine wall storage orange panel aluminum holders

STACT modular wine wall flexible and various colors aluminum

stact modular wine wall compact pack

modern wine racks wall mounted modular display STACT

  wine rack design idea dining room modular wall panels


The elements of Stact

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