Magnificent DIY tulle wreath ideas – a romantic home decoration

fascinating DIY tulle wreath ideas romantic decoration flowers

Home decor for different holidays can be crafted easily and with various materials. Today we shall show you magnificent DIY tulle wreath ideas which look absolutely beautiful and are the perfect DIY project for the weekend.


DIY tulle wreath ideas – step by step instructions

awesome DIY tulle wreath ideas little ballerina girl girl bedroom decor

Like with any other wreath, DIY tulle wreath ideas start with the base. You can use a thick cardboard, Styrofoam, or a bunch of twisted twigs. In addition you will need:

– hot glue gun

– satin ribbons

– tulle

decoration for the wreath – flowers, Easter eggs, valentine hearts, etc.

Cut the base into a shape – usually a circle, but you can opt for a square or a hearth shape as well. Cut the tulle into strips 30 cm long and 10 cm wide. Since the accuracy is not very important, plus or minus two centimeters will not spoil the final result. Fold the strip of tulle in half, and start “braiding”. Use the simplest loop and pull method. Bring the ends of the tulle strip up and slip the folded end over your fingers. Arrange the tulle strip. Keep going in one and the same direction until the whole base is covered. If you notice uneven ends, trim them with a scissor. Another method is to tie the tulle pieces to the base and this one is even easier. Add the final touches and decorate the tulle wreath.

DIY tulle wreath – basic materials

how to make tulle wreath step by step tutorial materials

Step 1

how to make tulle wreath step by step tutorial step 1

Step 2

how to make tulle wreath step by step tutorial step 2

 Step 3

how to make tulle wreath step by step tutorial step 3

Step 4

how to make tulle wreath step by step tutorial step 4

Step 5

how to make tulle wreath step by step tutorial step 5



DIY tulle wreath ideas – festive decor for every season

magnificent DIY tulle wreath ideas blue white Christmas wreath snowflakes balls

You can use this simple technique to craft a unique wreath for every season and holiday or learn how to make a wreath with mesh for Christmas, Easter, St Patrick’s day, Halloween and Thanksgiving. As the tulle is connected with ballet tutus, a pink or white wreath would be the perfect decoration for the room of your little ballerina girl. Let’s not forget that tulle wreaths will add tremendously to the romantic mood of the wedding decor, so make a note. Snowflakes and pine cones will give your wreath a Christmas look. Look at these inspiring DIY tulle wreath ideas. We are certain that they will be of help to you.


how to make DIY tulle wreath valentine day wreath tulle knots

Saint Patrick’s day decor

St Patricks tulle wreath green white color festive decoration ideas

 Adorable DIY spring decor

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 Fantastic Christmas wreath for the front door

DIY christmas wreath ideas white tulle wreath snowflakes front door ideas

 Santa Claus wreath

 DIY tulle wreath ideas Santa tulle wreath red hat

 Tulle is a suitable decor for every holiday

beautiful christmas decor ideas DIY tulle wreath ribbons

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DIY tulle wreath ideas Christmas wreath ideas home decor ideas

girl-bedroom decoration DIY tulle wreath ideas ballet theme white pink tulle

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