DIY Mirror decoration – ideas for striking mirror frames

DIY Mirror with golden frame

The self-made mirror decoration is the latest trend and is considered a valuable focal point in the home. Wall mirror frames do not have to be boring. With the right materials, you can easily decorate a mirror frame and use it either in the hallway or in the bathroom, bedroom, children’s room, etc.

How to make a nice mirror decoration by yourself?

Design mirror frame crafts

Mirrors are among the most popular home accessories and often are a component of the furniture. You can beautify the wall mirrors quickly by yourself. Different materials are used for mirror decoration – decorative stones, seashells, starfish, decorative sand, glass stones, colorful buttons, etc. An asymmetric mirror frame with gold appearance looks beautiful and is really a lovely addition to any room. To create this interesting wall decoration, you need the following popular materials that are present in every craft store:
– A round wall mirror with wide edge
– Hot glue gun
– Check mark
– Primer and spray paint
– Painter’s tape, paper, cardboard
– A thin fiberboard
– Decoration material  (our suggestion is to work with wooden slats, as these provide a natural warmth.)

Mirror decoration ideas – a unique gift for many occasions

Wall mirror wooden frame design ideas

For the mirror decoration, first select the right spray paint. Then you have to outline the circular mirror transferred to a thin fiberboard and cut out the shape (cut the edges of the mirror at least 3 inches longer). First mark with a tick the shape on the fiberboard. Center the mirror on the back of it with a wooden disc and tape both together. Thin wooden slats are glued to the back of the wooden disc, primed and stained with spray paint. Voilà!

Wall mirror with wooden frame

Decorating ideas DIY wall mirror

A wall mirror with a rustic wooden frame provides warmth and comfort. Such a mirror decoration with small thin slices of wood is traditional, cozy and welcoming.

DIY Mirror with golden frame

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