DIY Mini garden pond – gardening tips and tricks

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Check out these practical and simple idea for a water feature in the garden and make your own mini garden pond in a bucket. The construction process takes only a few hours and this homemade pond can be constructed in other vessels, in fact anything that can hold water. We will present an example with a classic bucket made of stainless steel.

 Tips and tricks how to create a mini garden pond in a bucket

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A mini garden pond is the same as the natural pond – the aesthetics and functionality depend on the delicate balance between plants, water and small creatures such as snails and fish. You should choose the plants carefully for the artificial pond. You absolutely need oxidizing grass and plants that can float above the water surface. You can also add a goldfish.

Materials to build a mini garden pond in a bucket

DIY pond bucket water garden metal bucket

Bucket or other vessel
PVC sealing
Decorative objects made of stone or glass
Water plants or species that live in the water

Guidance and instructions

DIY mini pond decorations garden pond ideas patio decor

If you use a container made of wood, seal it with PVC, so that the chemicals do not get into the water. Choose very carefully the place for your pond. You need a shiny spot where the sun shines for at least four hours per day. The sun in the morning is the better option. Put some decorative elements at the bottom of the bucket. You can use various objects made of stone. This gives an interesting look to the pond and is nice hiding place for fish.

DIY patio pond mini pond design ideas patio decoration

You should select the aquatic plants fit for the size of your bucket. The oxidizing grass is particularly important for the plants in your water garden. Particularly suitable are the water lilies. They are easy to maintain and look beautiful. Do not forget the wildlife for your water garden. Fish or snails are always a good choice for the mini pond. If you put together the right species , you will create a perfect mini ecosystem.

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Do not forget to use dechlorination for the water. You can opt for a homemade pond filter design. Regularly remove the yellow leaves and other trash. Fertilize the plants regularly from April to August. Follow these simple tips and you will have the perfect homemade water garden at home.

A metal tub serves as a pond in the garden

DIY garden decorating ideas pond in metal tanks

Large wooden boxes as garden water features in the patio area

DIY mini garden pond square containers water garden

Beautiful mini pond with a carp fountain as a decoration

DIY pond in bucket carp fountain

A wooden box as a pond in the garden

garden pond garden water features wooden box

Pond in a rectangular metal box

DIY garden pond rectangular metal container

Mini pond with succulent plants

DIY mini garden pond in bucket succulents

 Homemade pond in a red container

DIY mini garden pond garden water features red vessel

 Mini water garden in a vessel with a geometric form

Diy mini garden pond geometric shape

DIY mini garden pond in bucket water lilies

mini garden pond round bucket

DIY pond in bucket water garden metal containers


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