DIY Flower stand – Turn an old wooden ladder into a flower decoration

DIY wooden ladder flower stand small patio decor

Using an old wooden ladder for a DIY flower stand project brings a country charm to any room of the house. This decorative flower stand will certainly be an eye-catcher on the deck and in the garden. If you want to build this beautiful flower stand by yourself and to make the best of the old wooden ladder, you paint the areas that need to be improved a bit, and add some new decorative items.

 DIY Flower stand – use an old wooden ladder and give it a new function

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To make a DIY flower stand , open the wooden ladder and measure the length and width of the rungs. If the rungs are too narrow to hold a flower pot or a planter, you must renew it. Insert a wide wooden plank on each level. Secure the wooden extensions with screws. For stability, use four screws on each level, two per side.

DIY Flower stand – a beautiful decoration

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Use a fine sandpaper to smooth the surface of the wooden ladder. Paint the ladder in a color that complements the decor of the deck or, if placed outside, the color of the house or the garden.

An old wooden ladder – a charming accent in the decor

DIY flower stand shabby chic decor ideas old ladder

Arrange new shelves inside the pyramid of the open wooden ladder. You can use anti-slip stickers to keep the bottoms of the flower pots in position. If possible, choose ones that add a decorative element to the DIY flower stand. For example, a floral theme will fit well.


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